Baofeng UV-B5 / UV-B6

Keys on the main screen

Main display

Pressing the MENU key opens the pseudo menu item 00 MENU. Then after pressing UP or DOWN, it's going to select the item that was opened when you closed the menu the last time.

Item Global / Channel Function Description Possible values
00 MENU   Menu Dummy item displayed when you activate the menu  
01 STEP Channel Frequency Step How far are jumps between frequencies 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 20 / 25 (kHz)
02 SQL Global Squelch Level Cuts low signal communication 0..9
03 SAVE Global Save Battery Switches transceiver to low when signal is good (see manual) ON / OFF
04 TXPR Channel Transmit Power   HIGH / LOW
05 ROGE Global Roger Beep Send a series of beeps after transmission ON / OFF
06 TOT Global Transmission Time Out Timer Cut transmission after set time; prevents overheating 1M..7M (minutes) / OFF
07 VOX Global Voice Operated Xmtr Transmit automatically without the PTT button 1..9 / OFF
08 BEEP Global Keypad beep Keys will beep ON / OFF
09 VOICE Global Voice Prompt Will read everything out loud CHINA / ENGLIS / OFF
10 TDR Global Dual Watch / Dual Standby Monitor both channel A and B ON / OFF
11 R-CODE Channel Reception CTCSS Filters communication by a special subtone many values*\
12 T-CODE Channel Transmission CTCSS Sends a special subtone for filtering communication many values*\
13 ABR Global Display Backlight   ON / OFF
14 PTTID Channel Send Signal Code (PTT ID)   ON / OFF
15 ANI Global Automatic Number Identification   000000..FFFFFF**
16 PTIDM Global Mode of Transmitting Signal Code Send PTTID on the beginning, end, or both BOT / EOT / BOTH
17 DT-ST Global DTMF Side Tone Play DTMF tones locally ON / OFF
18 MDF 1 Global Display Frequency A How to display channel A Channel / name / frequency
19 MDF 2 Global Display Frequency B How to display channel B Channel / name / frequency
20 BCL Channel Busy Channel Lockout Prevents transmission if the frequency is busy ON / OFF
21 SFTD Channel Frequency Shift Direction   0 (zero) / + / -
22 OFFSET Channel Offset Frequency   numeric value
23 SCANM Global Scan Type See Scan Mode TO / CO / SE
24 REV Channel Reversed Duplex Mode   ON / OFF
25 STE Global Squelch Tail Elimination   ON / OFF
26 NAME Channel Channel Name Not available in frequency mode custom text
27 W/N Channel Wideband / Narrowband   WIDE / NARROW
24 TXAB   Transmit selection while in dual watch Mentioned in the manual but not present on my radio ‽  
29 COMP   Noise Reduction Mentioned in the manual but not present on my radio ‽  

* Use MENU, UP and DOWN to select the value.
** Use 7 and 9 for navigation through digits, UP and DOWN (or selection knob) to choose characters.

Global / Channel

Some functions only apply to a channel. Once you switch channels, or you switch from A to B, the menu item will change. If you're in frequency mode, the value stays the same even if you change the frequency. However A and B is still going to be different.

Storing and deleting channels

To save a frequency to a channel, long-press VM/SCAN, then choose the desired channel number. If the channel number blinks, it's vacant. Finally confirm with VM/SCAN, MENU or AB⏎. Delete channels by long-pressing FM.

There are 99 positions available and 16 positions in the FM Radio mode.

Side buttons

Under the PTT button, there are two other buttons with dots on them.

Button 2 (the top one) temporarily disables squelch, i.e. monitors the frequency regardless the quality of the signal. When tapped, it also switches display backlight on and off. Button 1 (the bottom one) seems to do absolutely nothing.

Scan mode

After pressing MENU and then VM/SCAN, the radio will start scanning either frequencies or channels (depending on current mode). Once it finds a signal, it does one of the following, depending on scanning mode (menu option 23 SCANM):

Stop the scanning with MENU or VM/SCAN. You can also switch the scanning direction with UP and DOWN keys or with the knob.

FM radio

Works pretty much like the "normal" mode. There are 16 positions for FM channels, see Storing and deleting channels for how to use them.

Frequencies go from 65 MHz (!) up to 108 MHz. Frequency step for FM radio is always 100kHz.

Note that if there is signal from the "normal" mode, FM radio will be interrupted.

Factory reset

Turn the radio off, press and hold MENU (not FM as the manual suggests), then turn the radio on. A menu will apear:

UV-B5 vs UV-B6 (comparison matrix)

Model What's next to the volume knob Everything else
UV-B5 Selection knob Same as UV-B6
UV-B6 Flashlight Same as UV-B5